Terms of service

The Terms and Conditions below regulate the online lessons between students and Make French Easier 

Make French Easier also referred to as MFE.

Students also referred to as ‘you’.

MFE Teachers also referred to as Teachers, Teacher.

Statement of Work

  1. The Termes and Conditions apply to every Students of Make French Easier classes.
  2. The organizer of the classes is Make French Easier.
  3. Make French Easier undertakes:
    • to provide all information regarding the services offered.
    • to listen to all students’ comments in order to improve the quality of services offered by the school
    • to comply with the Termes and Conditions.
  4. You are taught according to your level, personal interests, goals and type of course booked.
  5. MFE teaches the following levels of French knowledge: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

Organization of classes

  1. Classes at courses organized by Make French Easier/ MFE are conducted by Teachers qualified to teach French.
  2. Classes and the work of Teachers are subject to constant methodological supervision.
  3. Lessons are sold in packages of 1, 5 or 10 hours. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes.
  4. The purchased package is valid for 4 months from the date of payment.
  5. After purchasing a package of language classes, an interview with the Teacher takes place in order to check the level of language proficiency, clarify the language goals, schedule of classes and teaching methods.
  6. Classes are held remotely, online with the use of Internet platforms or instant messaging services used for distance communication. The method of conducting classes is clarified during the first conversation with the Teacher.

Internet Connection

  1. MFE offers a skype consultation to explain how the online lesson system works to all students who have purchased a package. MFE helps you set up Skype, open, read, and write on the lesson documents, use google drive in order to share documents with the teachers, use email and chats for communication. 
  2. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a good internet connection for each lesson, which must be suitable for video connectivity, and that there is no background noise to disturb the lesson. MFE does not recommend using Internet cafés, as the connection is not reliable.
  3. If there is background noise, we recommend that you wear headphones to minimize disruption.
  4. If the lesson is not conducted as a result of your poor internet connection, the lesson will be lost as a general rule. However, the teacher may accept to rebook the lesson at their own discretion.

Student’s Responsibilities

Any Student who meets all of the following conditions may participate in the language classes:

  • has read and accepted the School Regulations,
  • bought a package of activities Make French Easier
  • accepts and applies to the principles of the Termes and Conditions. 
  1. Lesson times will be agreed between students and teachers. You must confirm the arrangement via email and must attend the lesson on time. If you are late, that portion of the lesson is lost. Teachers wait 20 minutes for latecomers, after which time, the teacher is no longer obliged to stay connected and conduct the remainder of the lesson.
  2. You are free to cancel your lesson until 24 hours before the class. This class will be rescheduled.  
  3. If you cancel classes in less than 24 hours, the classes will be deemed completed. If you need to reschedule the lesson, you must give MLE 24-hour notice in writing via email : hi@makefrencheasier.com. Notification via SMS or social media is not accepted. 
  4. It is your responsibility to turn up to the lesson, to be fit to learn, and to give your full attention to the lesson. As the learning is done online it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not distracted by emails, phone conversations or social media.
  5. You must follow instructions and treat your teachers with respect.
  6. It is your responsibility to complete the assigned work in a timely manner with attention to the quality of work.
  7. MFE is not responsible for the amount learnt, the speed at which you learn, the level of attainment or your fluency of language. Progression (and speed of) is your responsibility based on your commitment, and ability.

Make French Easier and Teachers’ Responsibilities

  1. It is MFE’s responsibility to ensure all Teachers are qualified and prepared to teach you online and deliver quality lessons and service to all students at all times.
  2. It is the Teachers’ responsibility to ensure they have a good internet connection for each lesson, which must be suitable for video connectivity, and that there is no background noise to disturb lessons. If the lessons are not conducted due to poor internet connectivity resulting from MFE or MFE’s teachers, the lessons will be rebooked at the student’s earliest convenience.
  3. It is the Teacher’s responsibility to prepare lessons according to the your level together with relevant material and homework for each student who has purchased lessons with MFE.
  4. MFE and MFE’s teachers should deliver lessons on time according to a predetermined schedule.
  5. If the classes can’t be done within the set deadline due to the Teacher’s fault, the teacher is agreed to make up for these classes in the nearest time agreed with the Student.

Booking Lessons and Pricing

  1. The enrolment for classes lasts all year round.
  2. You book your lessons by website Make French Easier.
  3. You choose and buy the package of course number (1, 5 or 10 hours). 
  4. Our Courses are valid for 4 months after the date of purchase.
  5. All prices are shown in pounds  and are current at the date of publishing.
  6. The price of the course includes the fee for the class package, it means the set number of teaching hours included, the teaching materials that you receive during the classes, the placement test (if necessary), partial and final tests, semester report, certificate of completion of the course and the possibility of unlimited methodological consulting.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. If you wish to cancel your package, notice in writing via email must be given: hi@makefrencheasier.com. Notification via SMS or social media is not acceptable.
  2. If you choose not to use any portion of a course, after commencement of the aforementioned course, there will be no refund for the unused portion. In extenuating circumstances MFE may, at its own discretion, refund part of the package not utilised (if any) to you.


  1. We accept payment via debit or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Confirmation of your booking will be given on receipt of the payment. 
  2. The full balance is due prior to the start of the course.
  3. The course only starts once the payment is received.


  1. This document is valid from August 2020 unless otherwise specified. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. 

Disputes and Jurisdiction

  1. Whilst we prefer to resolve issues through clear communication, understanding of responsibilities, proper manners and good customer service, this contract shall be governed, construed, and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the UK. The UK Courts or other competent adjudicating body shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine all disputes arising out of this Contract and the parties hereby submit to the jurisdiction of the UK Courts or other.